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S.L.P, Gucci, nice clothes
One me, five hoes, 'cause they all go where this guy goes
My team full of psychos
Drunk text full of typos
Uber pull up full of bad bitches
Hollywood Hills-type hoes
If it's heat, then I'll pick a beat, then I'll write a rap, then I'll hit the bong
Ten minutes passed, would you look at that? I just did a song
And I'll come correct, I can't name a time that I did it wrong
They couldn't get it done so they hit me up and I did it for 'em
Do this shit with my hands tied and my eyes closed
Just leave it to me, trust me it's nothing, it's easy to me
I can be what you need me to be
I just married the game, that bitch ain't never cheated on me
King of the caps, now they speakin' on me
Most of you rappers is broke, but that's none of my business
Just sippin' my tea ☕
17-10-10 21:05:40 | by ramas1995
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