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Some reality...
Sitting in front of the old piano,
~ My hands gently glides on the keyboard,
~ Thousands of melodies echo,
~ Thousands of memories drifted off,
~ And deep inside the melodies,
~ An extreme pain in my memory,
~ About a girl worth more than anything,
~ About a girl I love with the violin,
~ Sometimes I wanted to give up,
~ She came to me and hugged,
~ That is the salvation of my life,
~ She is the only reason for me to fight,
~ Beside her, I can play...,
~ Play the piano with my soul,
~ And a love for her I waited,
~ Write melodies that beyond clouds,
~ But can not last long,
~ I cannot side by her,
~ Play again our song,
~ Melody from broken heart,
~ All promises we made,
~ They are her lie in April,
~ The pains never fade,
~ Lost her, my crystal,
~ This is my last song for her,
~ To prove our love is eternal,
~ To prove she is always in my heart,
~ Song named "Your Lie In April",
19-09-04 16:06:53 | by DEMONKING
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Vitukas -lol2-
19-09-10 18:54:13
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