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Ye. kritikai XD dar vienas xD
Ye. kritikai XD dar vienas xD
Ye.. Yo. Yeaa yo, yea you!.. could u call me 306 like that wish on da switch, people are moaning everyone is slowly growing, they living in the past fourth round of the game. O i will swing the circle all around , happy just for world aint having no more word, we liking just that silence without that bigG violence, call me Sain Ty, cuz we living in that one si. Its not a saddnes we come with new morales, i love the sound of floating cloud it's just a miracle to see world spinning on A stomp and I am not that proud. Ye. To see those crowds ye. Full of violince in background ye. I can dance like without crown ye. Turn on the lights for the skords ye, to live with the right flow ye. Deep down in my throat ye. I see how it goes , i wont choke on my words ye I only go with that eazy flow yea, rolling like a stone to bring back my throne ye, I aint no cold villain I just live to see, how far can we roll ye. Lets just finish this simple game and we will all have the fame.!
21-02-17 15:34:36 | by Tinas
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